Loch Tay

Loch Tay is a cultivar obtained in Scotland in 2002 by the Scottish Crop Research Institute using Loch Ness as one of the two parents.
It is the most early ripening blackberry variety (about a week before Loch Ness) and certainly the best in terms of organoleptic characteristics of the fruit, even just picked. That makes it the most suitable cultivar for fresh consumption.

Semi-erect habitus, thorn free, high yield potential

Licensed variety – subject to royalty

Conical, firm pulp, sweet and with a dark brilliant colour

Fruit size: M-L

Fresh market, large retailers, processing


Loch Ness

Loch Ness is currently the modern target variety in the blackberry market, selected in 1987 in Scotland.
With a mid-early ripening season and a excellent production potential, its fruit is characterized by the optimal organoleptic qualities when completely ripe and medium/high size.
The good flavour is reminiscent of wild blackberry.

Semi-erect habitus, thorn free, highly productive

Free sale variety

Conical, with firm pulp and pleasanttasting, intense dark colour

Fruit size: M-L

Fresh market, large retailer, processing