Quality and innovation

Knowing how to successfully produce and cultivate raspberry and blackberry plants requires knowledge that goes far beyond bibliography: it’s the result of years of experience and countless rigorous experiments. We are pioneers in the industry, but above all, we continue to refine our production process to offer superior quality plants, making excellence accessible even for scheduled and large-scale productions.

Because our customers deserve the best, from every perspective.

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What we offer

Simply excellence in every detail: healthy plants, meticulous controls, carefully selected varieties. Berryplant’s quality fully meets the expectations of the professional grower. Being Specialists is not just a title. It’s a dedication to product quality.

A fully controlled supply chain

All our pre-base material is derived from certified mother plants owned by us, free from viruses and phytoplasmas.

The best varieties

We select the best varieties, whether they are free or under license, for our catalog in order to meet all the needs of small fruit growers at an international level.

Our product, your success

We firmly believe that quality is the true key to success in every project. Our customers deserve the best because only a well-developed plant can ensure success at every stage, from establishment to full development and production. Our dedication is your success.

Innovators by tradition

In our enthusiasm, we understand the fundamental role that genetic improvement plays in the overall development of the small fruit sector and in creating a positive experience for the end consumer. That’s why in 2019, we launched Berrytech and its program for breeding & IP Management of new selected varieties. With passion, we feel that we are contributing to making the world a better place to cultivate and enjoy the goodness of berries with equal satisfaction.

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