Amalia Rossa® | NEW

Strong and generous

Primocane variety that stands out for its remarkable vigor and exceptionally productive laterals. Harvest speed is at the highest levels and it has prolonged primocane. The fruits are generously sized, with a conical shape and a light red color, and have an extended shelf life.

Highly branched, spiny but in a limited manner, the laterals bear abundant and well-visible flower clusters, with consistently large fruits even during unfavorable hot weather periods. The plant is very vigorous and requires a low planting density.

Varietal patent pending.

Conical shape, dry flesh, and excellent taste; light color even after harvest.

Fruit size: L-XL

Fresh market (excellent shelf-life)

Medium-early (+15/20 days Polka)


Easy and agile

Medium-early variety that stands out for its elongated fruits with intense, bright color and excellent firmness. Ease of harvesting is top-notch.

Highly productive in the summer cycle, with well-visible fruits that allow for efficient harvesting. The fruits are primarily produced on medium-length, strong, and erect lateral branches, which do not require extensive support.

Varietal patent No. 20191766.

Bright intense red color, firm

Fruit size: L

Fresh market

Mid / Early


Strong and productive

Late variety with excellent production potential in the summer cycle. Perfect for the production of long canes and also suitable for organic cultivation.

Limited primocane towards the end of the season, with more significant production in the second year, on a slightly branched and vigorous cane, with fairly pronounced spines.

Varietal patent No. 20191767.

Similar to Tulameen in aroma and shape, the color remains light after harvesting.

Fruit size: M-L

Fresh market (excellent shelf-life)

Mid / Late


Very early, suitable for winter production as well, but it suffers from excessive radiation typical of the summer period. Fruits are bright and inviting in appearance.

Primocane, thorn free, with high branching and high productivity.

Variety subject to royalty.

Conical shape, sturdy and easy to harvest, with a medium red color that can darken in very hot climates. Good shelf life.

Fruit size: M-L

Fresh market and large-scale distribution.

Very Early


Clear and exquisite

The perfect choice for double cropping with a vigorous and upright plant that allows for high harvesting speed.

Vigorous, upright, spineless. Robust root system. High frost resistance and uniform bud break.

Varietal patent No. 20191765.

Unmistakable light red color. Typical aroma, sweet and juicy flesh.

Fruit size: M-L

Fresh market and large-scale distribution (excellent shelf-life)