Berryplant – The Rubus specialists

We are a family business that has its headquarters and roots on a plateau east of the Adige Valley, in Trentino. Berryplant’s thirty-year experience in the propagation of Rubus was born in the district of Alta Valsugana, traditionally dedicated to the cultivation of berries.

Our products

The seedlings of Berryplant are shipped to the customer in the form of rooted cuttings packed in self-packing trays specially designed to ensure maximum ease of transport and health of the plant.


Quality and innovation

The nursery production of successful Raspberry and Blackberry plants requires experience and knowledge that are not learned in bibliography. They are the result of constant testing and rigorous experimentation.


Berryplant has been supporting nursery production for years with the selection of innovative varieties to be offered to growers of berries.
The raspberry varieties Amira and Regina were the first important results of this project. Two important starting points to continue on the path of varietal improvement. To consolidate the commitment in this direction, was established in 2019 the company Berrytech srl which deals exclusively with the selection and protection of current and future varieties propagated and marketed by Berryplant.


Our Commitment

Berryplant has always been interested in the production of plants with a special commitment to respect for the environment, for its conservation and to the use of renewable energy sources.


Our contribution to environmental well-being

We are very lucky to be able to live and work in a wonderful area such as Trentino: our greenhouses are set among woods, meadows and lakes, while behind them we can admire the beautiful Brenta Dolomites, UNESCO World Heritage Site.


photovoltaic panelS

Since 2012 we have been equipped with a photovoltaic panel system that produces electricity for our offices and greenhouses at our headquarters in Baselga di Pinè. Also for the new warehouse we planned the installation of a photovoltaic system that makes us more and more autonomous from the energy point of view.



Moreover, from 2015 the heating of the greenhouses is guaranteed by a new biomass plant, which contributes to further lower the already small “environmental footprint” of the plants we produce.
Berryplant always looks to the future and believes in a greener future: the project is to change its fleet, investing in electric mobility and decommissioning old fossil fuel vehicles.

reducing environmental impact

Aware of the environmental impact also of our packaging, we are committed to studying solutions that can increasingly mediate between the best choices for the quality of our plants and the need to reduce the plastic packaging.

Berryplant in the world

For decades, our global commitment to berries has made us a benchmark, with thriving plants and satisfied customers in every part of the world. So that Berryplant quality is always a shared asset.

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