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Rubus idaeus L.




Shani produces beautiful raspberries with a high yield. 

SHANI is a primocane raspberry variety with a very early production. It is also an eyecatcher because it continues to produce flowers and fruits even in low-light conditions. This makes the variety primarily suitable for winter growth in areas with a Mediterranean climate.



A new selection created by the constant Berryplant's efforts in the raspberry breeding development.

Primalba is the earliest ripening primocane cultivar on the market among the varieties for fresh consumption. It stands out for its very productive primocane flowering and for its premium quality fruits: very easy to pick even when not completely ripe and superb in terms of flavor.



Amira represents one of the leading cultivar among the modern varieties of primocane raspberry, obtained by Berryplant through a cross between Tulameen and Polka.

Amira is a very early ripening variety, with a large and compact fruit, red in colour, very easy to pick, even if not ripe.



Regina is one of Berryplant's patents, and one of the earliest ripening raspberry varieties, after Amira.

The selection is characterized by the excellent yield and the optimal quality of the fruit, large and conical, with a brilliant red color, excellent taste and shelf life.



Among the historical primocane varieties of raspberry Polka is certainty one of the most cultivated in Europe.

Its characteristic is the dark red fruit colour, with tightened drupelets, compact and handling resistant pulp, with an average flavour.



Sugana is famous especially for its hardiness and a the high yield potential.

Its vigour, erect habitus and excellent productivity make it a very easy to grow variety . The fruits are large, with a very durable light colour and easy to pick.



Imara (Advaberimar) stands out among the varieties with a mid ripening period (just earlier on the autumn production) for the great productivity of easy-to-pick fruits with an attractive bright but dark red colour.

Minimum order quantity is 3000 plants subject to the subscription of a cultivation agreement between customer and patent owner.



Himbotop (Rafzaqu) is a known variety with a mid/early ripening period, selected in Switzerland and patented in 2000 in the European Union.

The fruits have a light and opaque red colour and round shape, as well as a good taste, aromatic and sweet.



Among the mid-late ripening varieties Versailles is characterized by its large fruit, with excellent organoleptic characteristics and a sizable specific weight.

The harvest will be easy because the plant is vigorous, with short and spine free lateral shoots. Productivity is intermediate, higher during the summer, with a mid/late fruiting season and fruits with a good shelf-life (light and durable colour).



Kweli (Advabeeren) is characterized by the exceptional plant vigour and root sucker production. The fruiting period is late in the first yield year.

Minimum order quantity is 3000 plants subject to the subscription of a cultivation agreement between customer and patent owner.




Willamette is the earliest ripening variety among the most famous floricane raspberry cultivars.

It is mainly used for industrial freezing and processing. Willamette is also suitable for mechanical harvesting and resistance to RBDV is recorded.



Selected in 1994 by the Scottish Crop Research Institute in Scotland, it is a spine free cultivar, very hardy and productive.

With a mid ripening period, the fruits are medium in size, compact, with a slightly acidic flavour.



Selected in 1990 by Hugh Daubeny at British Columbia University, Tulameen still now represents the quality standard of raspberry for fresh consumption.

Its fruit is medium/large in size, easy to pick, with a bright colour and has the best organoleptic characteristics that made it world famous.


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We are a family-run business with its headquarters and its roots on a plateau east of the Adige Valley, in Trentino. Berryplant’s thirty-year experience in the propagation of Rubus was born in the Alta Valsugana district, traditionally dedicated to the cultivation of soft fruits.
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