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Berryplant accompanies nursery production with the selection of innovative varieties for soft fruit growers. Last arrival among our raspberry cultivars is the very early and complete primocane PRIMALBA.


The genetic improvement of the raspberry, which is faster than other fruit species, is actually a slow process subject to constant efforts and investments. The program basis is a collection of germplasm we use to do crossings and obtain seedlings, which we grow and select year after year.

Currently our raspberry breeding program aims to obtain plants with different climatic adaptability. The output of this work are varieties with excellent organoleptic characteristics and pleasant-looking fruits with a lasting shelf life. Last arrival among Berryplant’s cultivars is the very early and highly primocane BP 1522.

We have also recently been involved in blackberry breeding, with the intention to reduce production costs, improving the organoleptic fruit characteristics and accentuating the harvesting earliness.
To conclude, the scope of the breeding activity is to expand our commercial range and meet the new needs of a specialized clientele.
Our idea is that genetic improvement is essential for the general development of the crop and the positive perception of the fruit by the final consumer.


Via delle Meie, 15
38042 Baselga di Pinè (TN) – Italy
Tel. +39 0461 557405 
P.IVA/C.F. 02220150227

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We are a family-run business with its headquarters and its roots on a plateau east of the Adige Valley, in Trentino. Berryplant’s thirty-year experience in the propagation of Rubus was born in the Alta Valsugana district, traditionally dedicated to the cultivation of soft fruits.
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