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We are very proud to finally share all information about our world, the production chain, our activities and the technical details regarding our variety range.

We have one simple goal: to offer as much information as possible in an easy, quick and intuitive way.

In ABOUT US we are pleased to introduce ourselves, our strengths and our vision, that is to say, what makes us the Rubus specialists.

QUALITY AND INNOVATION is an important window for our research activity aiming to varietal innovation ( Breeding) and to the quality of our plants through a constant improvement of our quality production chain.

In OUR PRODUCTSyou can view the available plant formats and all useful shipping details. You can also download the latest version of our catalogue (in pdf format), in which we included a complete ripening calendar.

In VARIETY RANGE (blackberry and raspberry) you will find all technical sheets about our varieties. Raspberries are divided in primocane and floricane sections, in order of their ripening period.

For any technical, sales or administrative needs, you can contact our offices directly by filling in our contacts form. We will reply as soon as possible.

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