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Enthusiastic about the data collected during the first field trials of the new "PRIMALBA" variety, we decided to present them on 15/09/2017 to a group of interested producers and technicians, with the collaboration of one of our growers at his farm, located near Borgo Valsugana (TN).

The first agronomic tests of the variety were conducted in Baselga di Pinè (900 m) at our facilities and in Borgo Valsugana (380 m) at our customer’s company.

Our agronomist technician Marco Taddei Dalla Torre illustrates methods and results of the tests:

"In Pinè we set up a harvesting test organized as follows: two repetitions of 3 plants each were planted in mid-April, for each of the varieties in our catalog, placing them in tunnels according to the randomized block diagram. Starting in August, the autumn production was picked, recording weight and number of fruits for each block. The results of this test were that PRIMALBA is the earliest primocane variety among those available, anticipating Polka by a few days. The harvesting window was also more concentrated than the other primocane cultivars, in fact 92% of the production was picked in a period of 5 weeks (from week 33 to 37 included). Total production was excellent, surpassing other varieties with comparable quality fruit characteristics. Particular climatic conditions occurred during this test amplifying the problem of double fruits. Almost all the tested varieties produced a part of non-marketable fruits, while PRIMALBA proved to be less subject to the problem with a reduced percentage of deformed fruits.

On the other hand, the test conducted in Borgo Valsugana simulated an ordinary field situation. 750 plants were planted, under the same conditions as the other primocane varieties of the farm. In this case we observed another peculiarity of PRIMALBA: the harvesting easiness. Thanks to the open habitus of the vegetation, to its contained height and to the very easy-to-pick fruits, PRIMALBA achieved the best yield per hour of the company harvest. This allows an important reduction in production costs per kilo of produced fruit: a parameter certainly significant for profitability. "

The productivity and quality of the fruit impressed the producer so much that he decided to plan next season’s entire primocane raspberry production with PRIMALBA.

In light of these qualities we strongly believe in this new variety, which will allow a profitable raspberry cultivation, especially in colder climates where it is essential to anticipate the autumn production.

We hope to shortly announce the variety’s brand name, which is the result of Berryplant’s efforts in the raspberry varietal innovation.

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